Thursday, January 12, 2017

Sorry. Death in the Family

Granted, it wasn't super-close one, but a good man died on the 6th and I went to San Francisco to go to his wake and funeral.
But putting that behind me - I did a LOT of work on the plane trips - not only on vacation but to that one as well.

So what have you been working on VSPAR?
WELL.... I had an idea for a board game.  I can't go into details on how it will be played yet (I want to play test it first), but I CAN say that it's a board game based on the ever popular game known as:
Hentai Highschool.

That's right.  Turned it into a 'calculated risk' strategy game that you can play solo or with up to 7 friends where you compete to corrupt as many of the students, teachers, and faculty there in, without getting caught by the Principle or PTA.  You employ items, open new clubs, and manage your money while out-smarting the other players.

I plan on getting some non-arted stuff printed out this week and next and find a few local friends to play test it.  THEN, if it works well without needing any major changes, I will hopefully be getting some art and transferring it to (maybe) Table Top Simulator.

Anyway.  I'll probably release some of the game's basic ideas etc along the way, but I am SO proud of the system I came up with as a new kind of mechanic that I haven't really ever seen in a board game before.  So here's hoping.

If all goes REALLY well, I already have a few ideas on how to make a more... family friendly game with the same mechanic that I might even be able to license some day.

In the mean time, did some art and wanted to share to keep you all coming back for more.


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