Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Another Short Game

So I joined another game jam over at  Strawberry Jam 2 goes on for another 14 days so I SHOULD be able to finish it in time.  Especially when I have Barreytor helping with the CGs, and EmmanuelPCP helping with music.
The name of the game is Dawn's VIP Fuckfest and can be found HERE.

And here's a reminder of some of the art I've done for Dawn in the past:  Enjoy!


Wednesday, January 3, 2018

I Got Something Done!

Ok.  It's been a while.  Longer than I wish I had taken to update again.  BUT WAIT!  Don't go!  I've got something done!
It's been a while, but this Christmas/New Years vacation I lit a fire under my butt and gotten something for you all to see!
SEE!?!  I'm not just a bunch of really good ideas and no follow through after all!

So no more waiting.  Here it is:
GLaDOS-B  (aka GlaDOSexBot).

Only the windows download is uploaded right now.  Getting to an Android and Mac version soon.

I hope you all like it, and I hope I continue to have time to work on things.  The last push these last few days have been crazy (and I've gotten sick twice trying to do it), but I think it was worth it to see something finally finished.

And here's a few pics I've done while I'm at it.


Sunday, October 1, 2017

End of Summer Update

All right people.  I'm back from the dead depths of being either too busy or too depressed to work on anything at all.  Real life has been a full time ass-kicker this summer.  Either making it good, but at the expense of having not time to do anything or having all the time, but not the will to work on anything because I didn't have a regular job, I've had a hell of a summer.  But now I'm back and looking forward to winter.  Got a regular job: the hours suck, but it SHOULD leave me time for doing things.  I put together some art in the last week or two (see below) so you should see more regular updates of at least art.

What am I going to do now?  Been thinking about that for a bit.  I want to finish GLaDOS-B, certainly, and I should have a chance to dig up my notes and get that going soon, hopefully.
Another thing I'm working on is a pen and paper RPG that I will be running this winter for friends.  The game will be set in the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. universe and both expands on the video games, while balancing the very deadly with the very fun of the video games.  It will take place in a new Zone with all the primary endings of the video games being canonized.  I am also using a new take on a system I've used before that I hope to write up and possibly use during later projects, so I'm happy with that at least, and feel somewhat accomplished.

As for any future projects after GLaDOS-B, I'm still up in the air about.  I DID have an idea about a series of review videos I might make about other people's upcoming H-game projects (as a way to help support the community and increase the visibility of those projects as well), but I'm still not totally sure I can make that idea work yet.  Stay tuned.

All right.  Enough text stuff, lets get to dem tittayz!


Thursday, June 15, 2017

I Know...

Yeah.  Been a while.  Sorry I haven't posted.  It's been crazy.
The great job I had that made me good money, but was stressful and prevented me from getting anything done?  Yeah.  Lost that.  I won't go into boring details, but I was depressed and stressed.  Still am, a little, but doing better.
Lost it right before a planned vacation, actually, so I guess it was fortuitous timing that I had spent a good deal of the money I had been making to de-stress by going on a relaxing vacation.

So I've been thinking, and... doing some searching for things I want to do, over the things I need to do.
First thing's first: lets get a job.  Once I have that.  I need to DEDICATE time to finishing GLaDOS-B.  It's... almost there really.  Just gotta plug some more time into it.

Then, it's off to the races for a small, short game that I had talked about with Barreytor a while back, and neither of us got to it.  Should be relatively simple, but the idea is to practice with the programming and FINISH it in relatively short order.  Should be 5 CG Scenes and some filler art and the premise is pretty simple.

Bunny girl has 3 weeks to pay off a big debt or she's gonna be sold into slavery.  BUT, she has that time to get a job and make enough money to pay it off, but... let's say those jobs can be kind of on the edge and she will probably have to sell her dignity to make it out in the end.

Again, sorry I've been out so long.  Getting my shit together.  I'm gonna go back to updates once a week, with art.  No art this week, just wanted to say: thanks for trying to stick with me.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Whew. Long Month was LONG

So here I am, on the precipice of summer and all I can think about was how stressful work has been.  We did a MASSIVE big project.  Hoping I did well enough on it to impress the boss' into letting me keep the good job.  Gawd I've been so stressed I've only been able to concentrate on one thing at a time.
That thing was our weekly RPG group.  Which as of this last Saturday is wrapped up.  Ended.  Done.  Finito.  And here moving onto Spring/Summer, I had water come into my downstairs again.  Not as much as that first year in this house, but DAMNIT.  That kind of stress doesn't help me out either.

So what have I been working on?  Not a lot.  Well.  Not a lot to show yet, anyway.  BUT, I do have a few things to show.  First is THIS:

I've been making progress on HHS the Board Game.  Just been kind of dinking around, using art that isn't mine to get a feel for how the cards are going to look in the end.  Still trying to figure out a good format for the rules booklet as well.  Want to make sure the rules as I've defined them are good and not confusing.  Which is a lot harder than it seems at first.
Going to try and make a full size 11x17 PDF of the final stuff including the rules that you all will be able to download for free when it's done.  Also posting on the HHS development forums.

Also been trying to get my ass back in gear to finish GLaDOS-B.  I have all the pics still done, but trying to get the programming re-worked without errors is a pain in the ass.
So here's a little something that I hope I haven't posted before.
And here's some more art I've done to keep you satiated this wet, nasty spring.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Stressed Out

The only problem with being an un-paid developer is that when real life comes a knocking, it's impossible to ignore.  And BOY has it been knocking a lot lately.  My new job has had me stressed out pretty consistently over the last month and a half.  I'll spare you the details but it's pushed doing anything sexy fun times with art or making stuff back hard.
In the bits of time I've had since the last update, I've mostly been dealing with other issues too, so a good bit of my free time was just spent de-stressing through one game or another.  Been playing a good bit of Conan: Exiles, and Insurgency (thanks, Dave).

Some good news.  The card revamps for HHS TCG is going well.  I am ready to start test playing it again.  Soon, I'll be releasing rules and PDFs of the cards on the HHS forum post HERE.

I'll be posting again soon with art as soon as I can get it scanned - my scanner was having issues this last week.  Older flat beds don't really like Windows 10 that much, I've found.

Monday, January 30, 2017

Hentai HighSchool The Board Game

Ok.  Got all the cards printed out and am cutting them out now.  Got some 'tokens' that we'll need for it and pulled a number of d6s from the RPG box and I am now ready to play test the game and its mechanics.

You can find the original game development forums HERE (if you didn't already know what that was).

What else?  Right.  There's this little budding hentai community out there that you can find me on some times.  I've mentioned his channel before, but you can find the discord group HERE (it's VatiWah's group).

I'll be posting some in-advance art on the NSFW channel every once in a while, so go be on the lookout for that.

And then here's your art-dump for now.  More to come soon, I promise!

 I was very proud of this one.  Em and her new tenticular overlord.
 Someone requested furry Sombra (from Overwatch).
 Ranma anyone?
 More Ranma anyone?
 Even more Ranma, anyone?
 Yes.  That's supposed to be VatiWah fucking Samus Aran.  Gee Gee.