Thursday, June 15, 2017

I Know...

Yeah.  Been a while.  Sorry I haven't posted.  It's been crazy.
The great job I had that made me good money, but was stressful and prevented me from getting anything done?  Yeah.  Lost that.  I won't go into boring details, but I was depressed and stressed.  Still am, a little, but doing better.
Lost it right before a planned vacation, actually, so I guess it was fortuitous timing that I had spent a good deal of the money I had been making to de-stress by going on a relaxing vacation.

So I've been thinking, and... doing some searching for things I want to do, over the things I need to do.
First thing's first: lets get a job.  Once I have that.  I need to DEDICATE time to finishing GLaDOS-B.  It's... almost there really.  Just gotta plug some more time into it.

Then, it's off to the races for a small, short game that I had talked about with Barreytor a while back, and neither of us got to it.  Should be relatively simple, but the idea is to practice with the programming and FINISH it in relatively short order.  Should be 5 CG Scenes and some filler art and the premise is pretty simple.

Bunny girl has 3 weeks to pay off a big debt or she's gonna be sold into slavery.  BUT, she has that time to get a job and make enough money to pay it off, but... let's say those jobs can be kind of on the edge and she will probably have to sell her dignity to make it out in the end.

Again, sorry I've been out so long.  Getting my shit together.  I'm gonna go back to updates once a week, with art.  No art this week, just wanted to say: thanks for trying to stick with me.

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